With Digitalization and Turnaround Expertise

«We help you and your company to decide faster, act swiftly and take better strategic decisions!»

M&A advisory with proven results that understands entrepreneurs, new digitalized business models and power of strategic positioning 

Get quick and reliable answer whether your company is ready for transaction

Strategy development with proven results and supported with digitalization and turnaround expertise and resources

Informative financial reports with minimum effort needed from your side

CEO’s choice for sparring partner, coach, mentor and peer – understanding CEOs and entrepreneurs

We add value with unique mix of expertise and experiences:

Digitalization expertise

  • In depth understanding of digitalization and its impact on companies and their business models and strategies

  • Proven results and wealth of experiences with digitalization in companies from various industries

Turnaround experiences

  • Proven results with turnarounds of various companies

  • In depth understanding of how to align various stakeholders to achieve successful turnaround

We help you find the answers to the following questions:

  • Do you want to sell your company?
  • Are you thinking about expansion and are considering to grow with acquisitions?
  • Do you want to raise funds to fuel your future growth?

M&A advisory that understands entrepreneurs and delivers best results

  • Are you ready to sell your company or receive an investment?
  • Are you able to invest in other companies or even acquire interesting targets?
  • Are you ready to consider a merger with another company?

Quick and reliable transaction readiness answer

  • Do you need to develop new strategy for your company?
  • Are you thinking about new directions for your company?
  • Do you want to get added value insight that can significantly help your company?
  • Are you struggling with turnaround of your company?
  • Do you want to digitalize your business and are lacking experiences and resources?
  • Do you want efficient and experienced support with proven results?

Best in class strategy development and strategy on-boarding

  • Do you have the feeling, that you are alone at the top (as CEO)?
  • Do you want to have a reliable partner to discuss major decisions with?
  • Are you trying to improve and progress in your role as CEO?

CEO’s choice for sparring partner, coach and mentor

  • Do you want to understand, what is happening with your business?
  • Do you want to know, what will your cash situation be in the next few months?

Informative financial reports minimum effort needed from your side

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