Mergers of companies can be a tough subject to crack… In this new interview about the mergers, you can learn about how to approach mergers and how to make sure that the mergers succeed in this informative interview.Darko Butina (Managing Partner @DG180) is interviewed by Anton Lin (venture capital professional, British Army officer, Oxford Law and INSEAD […]

Acquire another company

The topic of the interview is “Acquire another company” – get answers to questions like when does M&A make sense, should you do it in an opportunistic manner or with a specific acquisition strategy, tips on how to approach M&A and many more.     Darko Butina (Managing Partner @DG180) is interviewed by Anton Lin […]

Sell your company – DG180 Interviews

The topic of this interview is “Sell your company” – get answers to questions like why entrepreneurs sell their company, how long does the process take, when is a good time to sell your company and many more.     Darko Butina (Managing Partner @DG180) is interviewed by Anton Lin (venture capital professional, British Army officer, Oxford […]

Preparing cash flow data

If you want to prepare efficient presentation of cash flow data you need to properly prepare input data, namely actual (past) cash flow data and especially appropriately prepare the cash flow forecast. Different types of charts for different types of data In general, you have two methods to prepare cash flow statement for past periods. Direct and […]

How to use M&A to accelerate your business?

There is one thing that all companies have in common, no matter the industry, size or line of business. Ultimately, they all strive to grow and to continually generate revenues. However, it is hard for companies to stay ahead at all times, particularly these days when business environment is constantly evolving and demanding constant improvements […]

On-boarding as a new employee – Corona edition

We have all been there… first day at the new workplace. You meet your co-workers, you shake their hands, and you try to memorize all their names. Except… this time of the year… NOT REALLY… COVID-19 has completely reshaped everything, even our on-boarding process.   And how did on-boarding during the age of COVID-19 look […]

Get immediate answer to question: “IS YOUR COMPANY READY TO BE SOLD?”

 Are you considering selling your company? And you want to get immediately an indicative answer whether your company is ready to sell?    You are in luck! We at DG180 have prepared knowledgeable Transaction READY! questionnaire for selling your company, which gives you exactly the answer you are looking for.   Simply visit, click the large green button , answer the […]

Is your company Transaction READY! ?

 [BREAKING] As promised in the beginning of the year, we at DG180 are launching innovative new solution – Transaction READY! – for all companies that are wondering, whether they are ready for the corporate transaction they are considering. You can get started with it here ❓ Why should you decide for Transaction READY! ❓  Clear answer to question: “Is your […]

India is the Land of Opportunities – India Digital Summit 2021

My impressions from India Digital Summit 2021 I attended the last two days are still fresh. I was impressed with all that I have seen and heard – from great line-up of speakers (successful Indian entrepreneurs, VCs, politicians and government officials) to start-ups like Zyla Health and fintechs like KredX, Khatabook, PayTM, LendingKart, Faircent and others.   I am convinced that India is on track to be one […]

Different way to present the cash flow statement

When one monitors financial activities – inflows and outflows from company’s bank account, one usually analyses and presents data in table. It’s just something we are used to and basically there is nothing wrong with it. We should have enough time and carefully read through cash flow statements to clearly see what is happening with […]