Compleximplicity – strategy blueprint for digitalization driven companies

Is you company also one of almost 60% of companies that do not know, how to approach digitalization of their business?


Then Compleximplicity was developed for you – the strategy blueprint for all companies that want to digitalize – or that are already on that path.


Compleximplicity was born with digitalization

Digitalization enabled on one side significantly better insights into how a business operates and where are chances for improvement and on the other side it enabled businesses to diversify and customize their offerings and implement new business models.


As a consequence, the modern business is becoming increasingly complex, and companies need to not only embrace increasing complexity, but also manage it properly, if they want to be successful in the future.


Compleximplicity = Complexity + Simplicity

Complexity – company that will digitalize (or has already started to digitalize) will see increased complexity within certain business functions (new business models, customizable offering etc.)


Simplicity – such company will need to develop and implement strategy that changes and adapts „old“ management approaches and also embrace digital tools, which will enable the company to manage and conduct its business in a simpler and more efficient manner


Compleximplicity guidelines – in 10 points

  1. Make all data digital
  2. Decisions are always data driven
  3. Plan increasingly diverse revenue streams – powered by modular approach to products and services, customized offerings at scale etc.
  4. Plan increasing complexity of business functions to seize opportunities and ensure successful diverse revenue streams
  5. Intelligent aggregation and digital tools are the key to simplify management of business functions
  6. “Launch fast, kill fast” approach to development of new products, services, or solutions – with “Kill fast” approach for non-performing existing offering as well
  7. Ensure unified company organization – communicate, overshare information, use digital tools like capable ERP, company-wide collaboration software etc.
  8. Keep focus on people – adapt management approaches (agile management, flatter hierarchy etc.), listen to and trust your people
  9. Implement AI whenever sensible – predictions, quick and smaller decisions, anomaly detection etc.
  10. Embrace and implement RPA and automate all processes – quick and smaller decisions (in connection with AI), repetitive tasks, data gathering and initial processing etc.

Compleximplicity strategy blueprint includes a lot more, not only the above. It includes steps to develop and implement the strategy and additional explanations and advice.


At DG180 we are pioneering Compleximplicity as a novel strategic toolset (which was originally developed for you by our founder, Darko Butina) – and we would love to help your company on successfully taking the strategic digitalization path.


If you would like to consider Compleximplicity for strategically transforming and digitalizing your company – or if you would simply like to learn more about it, please, do not hesitate to reach out to us.