Digitalizing advisory business with DG180 products

With new innovative software products developed by DG180, companies, their CEOs and founders can now simply and quickly get answers to questions like how much is my company worth, is my company compliant or is my company ready to be sold. 



Darko Butina, DG180’s CEO explained: “Management consulting and advisory business have historically been depending on individuals that are consulting and advising companies and on relationships formed between advisors and consultants with their respective clients. Even though consultants and advisors use computers and software to gather and analyse the data, the industry still predominately relies on pure human power and has not significantly changed. This has meant that getting the right advice was always both expensive as well as time and resources consuming. It also meant that best advice was reserved only for those companies, that had plenty of funds to be able to afford it.”



DG180 is on a mission to change this by digitizing and democratizing advisory industry with its products and solutions. After first launching Transaction READY! product in the beginning of 2021, DG180 just launched 3 additional products – Company Valuation, Compliance Check and Ready to Sell. The company is offering all three solutions to interested companies completely free of charge.



Every founder and CEO now has an option to use the Valuation tool from DG180 and immediately get indicative feedback regarding his/her company’s valuation. They only need to provide their company’s yearly revenues, EBITDA, industry and indicate whether the company is public. With a click of the button, they then immediately receive an indicative valuation of their company – and get a chance to discuss the valuation with DG180’s experts.



Compliance is a topic that is becoming more and more important for a widening range of companies. In the past, only the largest enterprises and specifically regulated companies had compliance officers. But the increasing complexity of the business and legislative environment is also forcing SMEs and other large companies to proactively approach compliance and invest more resources in it. DG180’s Compliance tool provides companies with immediate indicative answer to the question, whether they are compliant. They simply need to fill out an insightful questionnaire, and they immediately receive an indicative feedback regarding the company’s compliance readiness – and get a chance to discuss their compliance readiness status with DG180’s experts.



Knowing whether your company is ready to sell, is a question that is not easy to answer. On one side, properly answering the question requires significant know-how and experiences, which companies usually lack, because on the other side, they do not deal with such transactions on a regular basis. DG180’s Ready to Sell tool provides companies with immediate indicative feedback, whether they are ready to be sold. They simply need to fill out an insightful questionnaire, and they immediately receive an indicative feedback whether their company is ready to be sold – and get a chance to discuss their readiness status and potential next steps with DG180’s experts.



In the future, companies can expect additional digital advisory solutions from DG180, which will enable companies to get answers to complex questions that include not only corporate transactions, valuation or compliance, but will cover also their business strategy, industry best practices and others.