New AI workshop offer from DG180

DG180 launched new AI workshop, which prepares companies to win in the AI world of today and tomorrow.

Our Managing Partner, Darko Butina, wrote the book about the topic (Management in AI powered world – see below) and he will also be the one to lead the „AI workshop – helping you win in AI world“.

With AI Workshop powered by DG180 you will know what your next steps are – and how you and your company will be able to win in the AI powered world.

Why should you use DG180’s AI workshop to get ready for the AI future?

  1. We understand the changing business landscape.
  2. We understand the technology behind AI.
  3. And we are experts in strategy, business, growth, turnaround and pivot. 

How does the AI workshop look like?

​We first organize the discovery discussion with the CEO. Then we gather relevant inputs for the workshop, such as company details, proprietary data available, digitalization and AI readiness score and any identified AI related scenarios of the company.

After we gather all the required inputs, we facilitate a half-day workshop with key people from your company. During the workshop we jointly develop strategic scenarios and identify the most promising one.

When the workshop is over and you receive the final report and presentation from us, you will understand how AI can transform your business and how you should guide your company through the process.