On-boarding as a new employee – Corona edition

We have all been there… first day at the new workplace. You meet your co-workers, you shake their hands, and you try to memorize all their names. Except… this time of the year… NOT REALLY… COVID-19 has completely reshaped everything, even our on-boarding process.


And how did on-boarding during the age of COVID-19 look like for me? Better than I’ve imagined. Darko e-welcomed me with a short introduction of the company and presented me with the vision for going forward. And after that I received a surprised package to welcome me on my first day 👇

Prepared and delivered by Gajbica

Small things like this go a long way to make you feel welcomed and part of your new team even when social distancing… I approve of it and so does my dog, who, by the way, is super excited for me to work from home.


I am ready for new challenges and excited to work with my DG180 team to help you and your company to make better strategic decisions.


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