Is your company Transaction READY! ?

📣 [BREAKING] As promised in the beginning of the year, we at DG180 are launching innovative new solution – Transaction READY! – for all companies that are wondering, whether they are ready for the corporate transaction they are considering. You can get started with it here

❓ Why should you decide for Transaction READY! ❓

✔ Clear answer to question: “Is your company ready for transaction?”
😎 Minimum resources required – just few hours needed from you side
💰 Get value of couple 10k EUR for a fraction of that
🤝 CEOs and founders – we understand you and your perspective – we have been in similar roles
✔ Explanatory meeting plus report in digital and printed format
📋 Actionable outline of steps and activities to become optimally ready
⏳ Quick turnaround – from signed offer to results in 10 workdays

🇩🇪 🇦🇹 🇨🇭 [DEUTSCH] Für unsere deutschsprachigen Kunden – wir werden dieses Produkt in Kürze auch auf Deutsch mit unserem Kooperationspartner IFBC AG lancieren. Bleiben Sie dran 😀

P.S. – 💡 Corporate transactions include selling your company, receiving an investment, acquiring a company, investing in another company, doing a merger, selling a stake in your company, carving out and selling a business unit etc.