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  • Do you want to sell your company?
  • Are you thinking about expansion and are considering to grow with acquisitions?
  • Do you want to raise funds to fuel your future growth?

M&A Advisory

  • We help you prepare and execute M&A plans for your company – we advise on best suited structure to achieve your M&A objective 
  • You benefit from our significant and broad experiences, know-how and expertise (advising you on best investors, best targets etc.)
  • We define and lead efficient M&A process and we support you with preparation of all necessary transaction materials
  • Our successful track record of significant value generation delivers results for you
  • We negotiate best possible terms for you

You Can Expect

  • Efficient process
  • Dedicated project leader from our side
  • Clear overview of the process, its current stage and planned activities
  • Professionally and attractively prepared transaction materials (teaser, information memorandum, financial plans etc.)
  • Best possible outcome for you
  • Timeline guideline – 6 to 12 months

Valuation Calculator

Are you considering a corporate transaction and wonder how much is your company worth?

Enter your company’s yearly revenues, EBITDA and get an immediate FREE of charge indicative valuation estimation of your company!

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