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Simply answer few questions right now and get immediate indicative feedback to the question: “Is my company ready to be sold?” Click here or below to start!

With filling our the questionnaire above (click the button above!) you also ensure yourself free call with us at DG180, during which we will address the topic with you. We will also present you, how we can support you and your company on the corporate transaction path you are considering.


If you provide us the relevant details for your company (industry, revenues and EBITDA), we will also provide you with a bonus – free of charge indicative valuation estimation for your company during the call mentioned above.

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Get quick and reliable answer whether your company is ready for transaction

  • Ready to receive an investment?
  • Ready to buy a company?
  • Ready to invest?
  • Ready to start a merger?
  • Ready to sell a stake in your company?
  • Ready to do a carve out?

No major resources and time needed from your side

You get concrete and immediately actionable insights

Get high added value and professional service at a fraction of the cost of similar services

Minimum involvement needed

  • Answer online questionnaire – 15-20 minutes
  • 1-2 hours of your time for discussion with us – in exceptional case, we would ask for another meeting
  • Final meeting to get in-depth insight and explanation

You get value!

  • Clear traffic lights indication of transaction readiness
  • Actionable insights
  • Designed and individually printed copy of all insights
  • In-depth explanation of the insights and recommendations

Why choose us?

  • Decades of experiences and expertise in M&A, corporate transactions and strategy makes this possible
  • Quick turnaround – you have results in 10 workdays
  • Minimum time and resources needed from your side
  • High added value insights and recommendations which help you improve the business – even without transaction
  • We deliver value of couple tens of thousands CHF for a fraction of that

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